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The Next Big Language (2007) (steve-yegge.blogspot.com)
9 points by swyx 61 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

> The features I've outlined don't make NBL a great language. I think a truly great language would support Erlang-style concurrency, would have a simpler syntax and a powerful macro system, and would probably have much better support for high-level declarative constructs, e.g. path expressions, structural dispatch (e.g. OCaml's match ... with statement) and query minilanguages. Among other things.

Elixir hits this pretty well.

Simple syntax ... Check

Erlang-style concurrency ... Double Check (has _exactly_ Erlang style concurrency)

Powerful macro system ... Check, steals Lisp's amazing macro system verbatim

high-level declarative constructs ... Check, Pattern matching, `case do` `with ...`

I'm guessing the language he meant was go. Would be interested to know if I'm correct :)

optional typing though?

He revealed at some point that he was talking about Javascript.

Note the "other two" platforms it would run on would be the secret of it's success, so web and mobile.

JS eventually got all of the things he asked for.

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