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Apple threatens to cutoff all Epic iOS and Mac developer accounts [pdf] (unrealengine.com)
15 points by nthitz 42 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I bet Epic would cut off all accounts of a company who actively flaunts the fact they’re avoiding the royalty fees associated with using the Unreal Engine.

Epic is simply hoping their bad faith practices go unnoticed after their Fortnite fanatics start doing their thing.

You can create and distribute a game without using Unreal Engine or the Epic Store. You can't distribute a game on macOS and iOS without Apple's approval. False equivalence.

But why isn’t it as simply as telling either party to not use the other’s services if they don’t like the terms of said service?

I guess I’m not convinced that the App Store that Apple built for a some phones constitutes as a public service that every person on earth has the right to develop for.

Easy, just start your entire vertically integrated mobile ecosystem. /s

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