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Mozilla Foundation Independent Auditors' Report [pdf] (2019) (assets.mozilla.net)
31 points by quakeguy 43 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

$202M for software development, and $82M for management and administration.

So, more tilted towards engineering than most tech companies. ("Management and administration" on the breakout you're citing is every job not in development or IT).

Don't worry they've rebalanced recently. Next year they should have wasted significantly less on technical staff and about the same invested on management and advocacy. It hard to see why more folk don't donate really.

The CEO shouldn’t be asked to without at least a 5 digit bonus next year. Think of her family. Ugh, I donated a random $5 to Mozilla and regret even that little bit now.

Interesting. Could you elaborate more on what the typical distribution is, and possibly explain why such distributions are expected/reasonable (not just for Mozilla, but for tech companies in general)?

I'd be very curious to see the breakdown of that $202M. E.g. Which or what kinds of projects did those developer-hours get spent on? That would be my main curiosity.

They got $450M per year. What happened to the missing ~$200M?

How many managers and engineers do they have?

An interesting thing to look for in the 2019 report when it comes out is whether any money changed hands when they settled the lawsuit with Yahoo!/Oath/Verizon.


(2019). The report was released mid-2019 covering 2017 and 2018, based on the title and second page date stamp. This year’s report, assuming one is released, would be posted without any (20xx) at all, even if it covers 2019.

I would have corrected the title for this post as:

State of Mozilla 2018: Annual Report (2019)

Which is a bit hilarious, but complies perfectly with the guidelines!

Right. 2019 should be out later this year.


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