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d0mine 2193 days ago | link | parent

Please remove up-vote buttons from the main page for unvisited links. An absence of these buttons could enforce a vote-after-read policy.

Titles are easily abused therefore It is not a good idea to vote based only on title without reading comments and/or a linked page.

It could diminish a number of bait-like sensational titles too.

JoelSutherland 2116 days ago | link

It would also be good to cap the number of upvotes at 50 or so. Now that submissions are getting 100-200 upvotes they are on the front page for days.


CalmQuiet 1982 days ago | link

I don't have a problem with such active discussions being on front page for days... Since, for my part, I can't necessarily make it here daily.


ajiho 1994 days ago | link

Basically I'm repeating my idea from below, but what about moving the most successful stories to the new page? Couldn't that attract attention to it?


taw 2168 days ago | link

I'd love to see it on Reddit too. Not very difficult to implement with socialhistory.js (http://azarask.in/blog/post/socialhistoryjs/)


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