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The link is broken. This is the working link: http://www.gnome.org/press/2011/04/gnome-3-0-released-better...

Thanks for catching that! It looks like they launched a new design for http://www.gnome.org/ in conjunction with the release. That must have altered the URL for the press release they had published earlier in the day.

We'll be setting up redirects for the old press releases to the new website soon. We just had so many things to sort out today for the release that these small things end up slipping out. Cheers!

Will Gnome 3 still be in Ubuntu?

I'm unclear on how the changes relating to the desktop will actually change the experience.

Congratulations to the Gnome team though! It does look great.

Have a look at jdub's comment on the item about Ars Technical review of GNOME 3. He summarizes pretty well what will happen (or not happen) in Ubuntu with regards to GNOME 3:


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