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Plan 9 from Bell Labs (1995) [pdf] (csail.mit.edu)
31 points by todsacerdoti 44 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Any Plan 9 discussion should also consider the actual end of the road, Inferno and Limbo.



If those are the end of the road, how would you classify http://9front.org/ ?

A project that ignores the actual work that Plan 9 authors did to improve distributed OS programming by keeping alive a middle stop on the train ride instead of the final destination.

For example, Rob Pike was quite unhappy to give up on Alef for Plan 9, and finally realized his ideas with Limbo.



So worshipping Plan 9 while ignoring Inferno is doing a disservice to their authors contribution to distributed computing platforms.

ace. thank you for the clarification / insight :-)

With a current release, but far enough out in the long tail of relevancy to have AmigaOS and the x86 port of VMS as neighbors.

The front fell off!

Interesting propaganda: http://9front.org/propaganda/

I feel like a little Inferno legacy lives on best in Go, but honestly I've been reading that site for 20 minutes and I can't even begin to classify it.

Easy, start with the 4th edition introduction, and then follow up into the book.



Along the way you can get a copy of Inferno from Vita Nuova to try stuff out.

For Go to be fully like Limbo, it needs to finish dynamic loading support.

I want 64bit inferno. Maybe I should work on it.

I believe someone did some work but I’m having trouble finding it. Also they may have replaced Limbo with Lua (or maybe I just smoked too much of the good stuff).

Perhaps you would be interested in Harvey OS[1] which implements Plan9-like operating system in 64bit environment.

[1]: https://harvey-os.org/

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