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Fascinating insight. But isn't this a classic case of of correlation, not causation?

Puffy did Montessori and he's doing pretty damn well for himself!

Jay-Z started in the projects and didn't finish high school, and he's doing even better!

Holy crap, I know where I'm sending my kids!

Extrapolating this out ... Lakeside School, Philips Exeter or perhaps Collegiate ;)

Why is the press so ignorant of basic statistics? It is really depressing. I wonder if reporters actually don't understand the difference between correlation and causation, or if they just willfully ignore it because it makes for catchier headlines and easier research.

Examine this carefully and the answer will become clear: http://www.desu.edu/curriculum-bachelors-degree-broadcast-jo...

(In fact quite a lot becomes clear.)

You can do your own search for "journalism curriculum degree" if you want more corroboration.

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