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Related idea:



But this is probably better because it uses natively supported QR codes.

I have a pet project, "Oh By"[1] that is a replacement for QR codes that does not require an app to create, or consume, and you can just chalk them up anywhere.

The downside is that it is a centralized service. Further, you would need to trust that this centralized service would continue operating into the indeterminate future. Luckily I have a strong track record there.

A very simple example use-case is here:


... and the "HN-Specific" FAQ is here:


[1] https://0x.co

From a practical perspective, the larger problem with this implementation is that unless you happen to have heard of your service (unlikely), it's not obvious what to do with the code, or even how to find out what it is. You need a distinctive, unique string format that yields to googling. Overloading the hexadecimal notation was a poor choice, in my opinion.

You are correct - there is a chicken and egg problem here wherein "Oh By Codes" are not useful unless everyone recognizes them for what they are.

Like I said - pet project. Nearly 100% of my time and effort goes to rsync.net, but we'll see ...

I don’t see how you can look these up.

If you see a code somewhere, such as:


You can just type either 0xJWW72G, or JWW72G, into the front page (0x.co) and look it up.

You can also modify it in the URI to see analytics:


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