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You're onto something here. I hate having a separate calendar and task list. With Tweek I can just scroll down and put unscheduled tasks in the "someday" category. I also love the simple interface which emphasizes canvas size. Honestly, great job. Ideally there would be a robust notification system on the level of Google Calendar.

Semi-related anecdote: This reminds me of those free calendar planner booklets you get in college, in a good way. Before college I didn't use any kind of calendar. On my first day on campus, I got a calendar booklet from a random lady and it changed my life. For some reason at the end of syllabus week I had the impulse to put all the homework deadlines, assignments, exams, etc...from my syllabi into the planner. On top of that I put all the same stuff into my google calendar so that I get multiple notifications ahead of important deadlines.

I was a procrastinator in high school, but in college I had better foresight than most of my peers. I got homework done 1-2 weeks ahead of time. I would get a dopamine rush from crossing an assignment off of my planner. Each semester at the end of syllabus week, I would sit down for a few hours to fill out my calendar booklet and my google calendar. I wouldn't stop studying until I was satisfied with the number of things I scratched off on my booklet - and if I didn't feel like doing the hard stuff, I would do my reading for next week so I have more time for the hard stuff later on. Being productive was as easy as opening this booklet that I carried with me everywhere and just doing the next thing. I was super involved in campus activities because I always had my studies taken care of. If my friends wanted to hang out, I would open the booklet and see if I had enough things crossed off, otherwise they would be met with a prompt "sorry I have stuff to do."

This sounds silly, but I am honestly not sure if I would have excelled so much in college if a random lady didn't give me a calendar booklet as a freshman. To this day I have not found an app that feels the same way that that booklet did for me. It would be wonderful if Tweek can be that app, but I also wonder if there was something special about the dual analog and digital experience of writing on paper + Google Calendar notifications. I would also be able to star, highlight, circle, etc...different deadlines depending on the nature of the deadline and its importance. You can do a lot more than mere color coding on actual physical paper, but that is something that can be replicated in a digital format.

I know the greatest thing about the calendar booklet: the forward feeling it gave me, and the satisfaction I got with scratching off or "defeating" tasks. The ease with which it enabled to pounce on the next thing. The reason I speak about feelings is because hormones and feelings have as much of an impact on your productivity as logic. Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman discusses the importance of feeling which way is forward in this podcast with Joe Rogan https://youtu.be/gLJowTOkZVo

Have you tried Google Tasks? You can enter a task with or without a date. For those that have dates they will show up on your Google Calendar, you can set recurring tasks that occur every so often, and it sends notifications.

I did a few years ago. I didn't like how tasks were miniaturized and visually de-emphasized relative to the rest of the calendar. I will give it another try though and see how it changed.

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