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This was a pretty good take on why QAnon is such a big issue: https://youtu.be/6k-w-2KIV7Q?t=4728

"q anon is a conspiracy theory incubator it's not like the other conspiracy theories out there it's not like pizzagate alone it's not like the epstein stuff alone it's an incubator for all these conspiracies so they all feed off of each other so even if you try to knock down one there's others to hold it up if you look at the vast amount of anti-vaxxers who just recently got into q anon around march and april of this year it's like a whole separate movement that was gigantic and huge and dangerous in its own right

basically combined with q anon to form something even more dangerous and you're going to see it with more of these separate conspiracy theory movements down the line and that's really what makes q anon so honestly horrific i mean you have conspiracy theorists who don't even they're not even on the same page percentage of q9 people believe uh uh rapper kennedy jfk is still alive or whatever and then another percentage thinks that's bullshit but it doesn't matter because they all come together for the prime reason that hell this is all stuff that's going to help trump and we believe in the main thing that all these different forces are coming together to stop trump but he's going to take them all down the"

Also a longer interview https://youtu.be/lf3xlx9K0DI

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