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Just added a video explaining one approach being taken - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3XcQtoja_Y

And that's over a year ago...

Nothing in that depends on a VR headset. You can do that with a normal webcam. It's a completely orthogonal technology.

You can deliver a complete VR experience with just a normal webcam?

You can deliver a rendered avatar based on facial tracking to remove the "camera in the wrong place" eye contact problems, even with normal screens and cameras.

VR makes things immersive, but it is neither necessary nor sufficient to solve the eye contact problem. It's orthogonal.

It's not about just eye contact, but a whole lot of body language that we are totally blind to with a just video of someone who's not even looking at you. This body language is a very important part of communicating and can be mediated with VR.

This blindless in webcam meetings make everyone something like socially "autistic", and is a big part of what can make them much more draining than in-person meetings.

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