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Mass Surveillance is a killer tool for societal control and not much else. 15% faster ambulances for complete loss of privacy? Is it worth it? Would this sort of system even be faster in a less dense area (like most of US vs China)? There are a lot of spurious conclusions drawn from this data. Is WeChat superior? Do I really want my whole life to run through one app? No, no I don't. In fact, I've gone on a social media diet and I feel like my well being has improved dramatically. I also like having a mix of companies to choose from for engaging in commerce.

From my perspective, AI seems to have more draconian potential than liberating potential. I get that it's a technology we should pursue, but it's got loads of ethical risks that China will pay no mind to. Will that recklessness and wanton disregard for human rights (including the right to privacy) lead to Chinese dominance in AI tech? Maybe.

Will we be at a strategic disadvantage without draconian AI tech? I'm not so sure.

Quick correction - 15% faster was overall, it was 50% faster for ambulances.

Point still stands. In the U.S. our ambulances are equipped with remotes to trigger light changes to improve speed. The roads are also much wider, with bigger shoulders that are less dense, etc. This is a very dubious claim, to be able to achieve 50% faster response times in the U.S., an ambulance would have to on average travel twice as fast, which is not necessarily even safe or desirable from present speeds traveled.

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