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This presentation is actually titled "Chinese Tech Landscape Overview." It's from May 2019. It contains candid evaluations of American technology companies' strengths and weaknesses along side those of Chinese companies [1].

I originally intended to jump forward to the pages 88-99 that were highlighted by the submitter. Instead, I read or skimmed every page in the document. This is the most riveting presentation I have seen in years. Mass surveillance coupled with AI is only one of many sections.

It also addresses:

- China's homegrown digital innovators

- China's dependence on imported semiconductors

- AI in transportation and medicine

- Banking and payment systems

- The future global manufacturing landscape

- The future of global development and governance

Among others.

[1] Mostly candid. I found it a bit self-congratulatory toward Google's TPU technology and Waymo.

I agree, being fascinated by the confluence of tech, economies, and global struggle.

I have no idea how COVID-19, global power struggle, effects of quantitative easing, etc. will play out but I will enjoy watching the show.

Is it a comedy or a horror? I'm having trouble interpreting.

Well, it is the world we live in. You and I have little control over the world but we can control our reaction to it.

In a crazy world, it is up to us as individuals, family groups, and friend groups to make life as good as possible given constraints we live in.

My wife and I have a strategy for investing a small amount of money as donations for the upcoming elections. Doing that and voting is all I can do, so otherwise it is kicking back and watching the show.

Sorry if my previous comment sounded cavalier in any way.

Horror with comic relief.

Neither. It’s a tragedy.

What’s the difference?

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