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I am a college student looking to do research on wearable computers and interface designs for this kind of device. Looking for interns?

I'd love to bring on an intern or two, but honestly we're just not there yet. I'm currently funding everything out of pocket, before we seek funding. There will definitely be such opportunities in the (hopefully near!) future, though.

Fair enough. :) This fall I am going to be doing a project about integrating a neural interface (Emotive Epoc) with a wearable in hopes of a hands free interface that is easy to use. This is a technology I want to make the concentration of my research, there are a lot of techniques we need to find about how to present data to users effectively in a AR situation and how to choose what data to present from very large data sets (think Google goggles and map overlays as starting points) and I want to make that the focus of my graduate research. This is a bit of Sifi I want to help make real.

Awesome! I spent some time hacking the Epoc last year (which culminated in the Emokit project) and had a lot of fun with it. So much potential there.

Good luck with everything.

My god, I needed this exact thing rather badly right now. The Emotive Beta Linux SDK is looking hard to work with and does not give access to this kind of data. Thank you for making it!

This guy has a history of "starting" things and never finishing him. You'd be better off finding someone with a more stable history of finishing what they started. And when I say history, I mean he's into the double digits of "startups" he's initiated.

I have started a massive number of projects, but of the startups I've founded, every single one of them has released a product. Of the projects, I have probably a 40% finish rate overall, which isn't half bad IMO, considering that those are projects like creating new OSes, independently recreating the Win32 API, etc.

So no, I don't have a perfect history, but it's pretty good considering the scale at which I've worked.

Edit: Fwiw, I've only started 3 companies, not including this one. Not that many, considering a 6 year time span.

Is it better to have started double digit startups than to have not started anything?

Your snide comment seems to go totally against the idea that we should fail quickly and often.

Out of curiosity, not knowing anything of the subject of your scorn -- why are these multitudes of start-stops an issue?

Maybe this intern, who's academic path is in-line with the premise of his startup - are just the thing he needs to have this one be the one.


Or are you a friend of his teasing him?

> Or are you a friend of his teasing him?

He was an early supporter of my Alky project (see http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1018290 ), who's still apparently bummed that it was killed.

There's a difference between a flake, and moving between things that obviously aren't going to work.

Nothing ever gets shipped from him, nothing failed quickly to begin with. ( I don't just mean Alky, either. )

Stop parroting community tropes.




https://github.com/daeken/RenrakuOS - 2010

https://github.com/daeken/EveInject - 2009

Quote from his blog:


What have you built and what are you building?

Product-wise, I haven't built much; the biggest thing I've built was Alky, which allowed the conversion of Win32 binaries to run natively on OS X and Linux. It was a marginal success, although it ended up failing later for business reasons.

These days, I'm working on a few things:

Renraku: http://daeken.com/renraku-future-os This will eventually be combined with OpenBAMF/IREctive: Reverse-engineering platform and module store (My primary for-profit project right now)


The Emulator's Handbook: A book on building an emulator from start to finish. There's simply nothing there yet, which is a damn shame -- we need to get people involved here.

So far unnamed: A book on reverse-engineering game protocols and emulating them.

In the future, I'd like to be developing and selling Eyetaps and other hardware around Renraku.


This isn't fail-fast, it's ship-nothing. It only bothers me because he keeps attention-whoring for every little idea he gets and ends up disappointing anybody who thought it was cool.

In the time since then, I've released a complete hotel front desk system and several lock forensics tools; in fact, it's quite possible that you've stayed in a hotel powered by my company's products. I've also released an open source library for talking to the Emotiv Epoc headset, libraries for dealing with the Belkin Network USB Hub, and several security tools.

As for EveInject, it had some bugs, but worked beautifully -- in fact, people are shipping code based on it to this day.

If you want to see a dozen failed projects of mine, I can show them to you. I can also show you many successful ones.

That's a lot of vitriol there.

To be honest I'm quite impressed with his projects. They're certainly non-trivial and exciting things. Can you show something better?

He didn't see all of them to the end. Who did? Does uploading something to github mean that you have to maintain it up until eternity? There's a lot of "flakes" on github (and HN) in that case....

Before you go naming and shaming, make sure you have at least a good case.

Cool, you're just looking out for this potential interns interest right?

So, just in the interest of full disclosure - what have you shipped/built/released if, by your own words, this is such a big deal?

Just curious if you're some hyper producing hacker ninjastar or if you just have it out for this particular HNer.

I never made any claims and didn't demand the attention of others, the onus isn't upon me to prove anything if I haven't claimed anything.

If you must know, I'm a software engineer at an early-stage startup in SF.

I know that you're now probably 22, that you were struggling a few years ago because you had to drop out of school and you had very little experience and were seeking some advice. HNers gave you some good advice at the time too, I believe. Did you go back to school?

But, now you're on HN calling a guy out on his projects like some project nazi because you probably think of yourself as really smart, but your more young than smart.

So, it is ok if this guy starts shit and for whatever reason they dont get completed. Keep plugging.

You're statements calling him out defacto call attention to yourself and what you're doing - so I would recommend getting back to work for that startup rather than posting on HN in the middle of the day.

Getting a little personal there don't you think? You should learn some courtesy.

Time to hit the reset button.

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