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I like it. A little off topic, but the Google Chrome Extensions that override CSS get my brain thinking about something like this on a different scale. For instance, could someone build complete Facebook or Twitter face-lifts? If it's possible, the consequences of that permutation would be interesting. Especially now that the modern browsers are moving towards auto-update, which encourages a higher likelihood of something like this taking off.

If marketers starting picking up the idea, I see "shoot here to win the prize", phone number, email address collecting type of ads promising to "bring facebook back the way it was", "just enter your email address and we'll send you the link!" If you don't think this could work, just remember that a few years back people were installing emoticon packs and CometCursor just so they could have a customized, albeit terrible, experience.

There are definitely already extensions that completely remodel the UI experience of sites like Facebook. They've only been targeted at making things more usable and adding features that people want, rarely undoing new Facebook redesigns.

The people who would install a Chrome extension to improve the design of facebook aren't going to be the kind of people who blindly say "ugh, Facebook looks differen, wtf!", and those kinds of people are especially not going to be the kind of people who would write up lots of complicated CSS and JS (both, not just CSS, would be necessary to roll back Facebook's upgrades) to redesign facebook. But this raises a good point: when Facebook rolls out a redesign, do they change the backend enough that an extension that overrode the CSS and JS with the previous design's CSS and JS would break?

Aren't there chrome plugins that remove facebook ads? I'm not sure if it's done through CSS or some other way, but it seems like something you're describing.

Adblock Plus for Firefox removes every ad you could ever think of, even the ads inside of youtube videos.

It is perfectly possible, but the result would be very fragile. Even a small change to the original could break the mod, and users will blame you. Not to mention that without control over the server side it's very difficult to provide much added value besides a nicer theme.

Better Facebook (http://betterfacebook.net/) changes a lot of of the look and feel of Facebook, allowing to add, remove or move elements and apply themes.

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