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It is hard to target comment points specifically without changing the color of entire line.

Also I normally avoid looking at Comment points to avoid any bias and bring neutrality in my reaction to a comment. Again this maybe different for you guys.

Also as a golden rule the popular comments (unless threaded) are on the top so not really that important for me.

Second: In design specifically the rules are not hardwired like physics. You can break them but you must know that you are breaking a rule when you do. Normally I use #333333 in all my works but somehow missed it here. Will correct and put up an updated version tonight.

This whole setup is really nice however I would like to +1 the request to see points next to the up/down mod. It would also be nice to see the font-size of the meta line be larger as its so small at the moment it's hard to read.

I also think points is better next to the up/down arrows.

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