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I have tried to tweak the layout without any browser extensions. This will work on any browser but it's a 'lite version' so you can only use these to read HN. Have a look:

Non AJAX version: http://www.skillendar.com/hackernews/noajax.aspx

AJAX version: http://www.skillendar.com/hackernews/

No voting? Seems like an odd omission or is it a cross-domain issue?

Good work. You might want to reduce the width since long lines are bad readability wise.

Golden rule of 40-60 chars each line.

Thanks mate; but I actually did this to make it easy for me to read HN posts on my netbook (1024x600). Reducing the width would mean lots of scrolling :(

Use a fluid width with min and max width so that the reading span does not grow too big or small. No matter what screen you have, anything longer than 70-80 chars in a single line is a pain to read.

That is the reason readability and Safari Reader are designed the way they are. Use em/% to go screen size free.

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