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Congratulations, it's a really nice work.

I'd do just two small changes:

First, the comment's points are important and right now are hard to read/notice.

Second, I'm not a designer, but I've always heard you shouldn't use black typo on white background as it's a little bit to hard contrast, it's better to use a (very) dark grey on the type.

I just notice the vertical rhythm between paragraphs in comments is not constant, see: https://img.skitch.com/20110405-q2a81di6ew4gi1fcrckna6dwft.j... the 1st and 2nd line and much closer than the rest.

I'm using Chrome on OS X.

Yes, that is an issue I am looking to fix. Basically has got to do with HN markup being the ugliest thing I have seen. Tables all along with no classes and whatsoever. So targeting is a pain in the ass.

Will see if using pseudo class for first element helps me out.

It is hard to target comment points specifically without changing the color of entire line.

Also I normally avoid looking at Comment points to avoid any bias and bring neutrality in my reaction to a comment. Again this maybe different for you guys.

Also as a golden rule the popular comments (unless threaded) are on the top so not really that important for me.

Second: In design specifically the rules are not hardwired like physics. You can break them but you must know that you are breaking a rule when you do. Normally I use #333333 in all my works but somehow missed it here. Will correct and put up an updated version tonight.

This whole setup is really nice however I would like to +1 the request to see points next to the up/down mod. It would also be nice to see the font-size of the meta line be larger as its so small at the moment it's hard to read.

I also think points is better next to the up/down arrows.

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