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This is part of the field of Signal Integrity within EE - a rabbit hole which I decided to base my career on. For anyone desiring more detail (with some minimal EE knowledge as a prerequisite), two of the most popular texts are: High Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic by Johnson/Graham and Signal and Power Integrity - Simplified by Eric Bogatin.



Not the same but related, I got started down the road of (RF) DSP a while back and just got to the wtf parts, particularly around handling errors, where it really did kind of feel like magic.

I couldn’t hack the deep end of the math pool though and tapped out, but the awe remains. ‘The Signal Path’ and ‘w1aex’ are two YouTube channels i still subscribe to for my fix. Watching a waveform on a scope writhe around like a silent theremin when you just move a cable or even wave your hand past it really drives the point home.

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