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Yes, will be putting the CSS on Github later in the day.

Note that stylish has a repository too, so people can easily find it by site.


So be sure to submit it there too, I will definitely try it.

After seeing the headline I immediately thinks of Stylish (+ Greasemonkey, just to note) as well.

The thing is, if it is just style changes, it is better to be done via Stylish. Extensions, for most of them in chrom(e|ium), would would absolve resources in the system via a separate process. For computers with less memory, running multiple chrome extensions would not be a good idea. Better to run extensions that benefit all sites than just one.

[edit] just went to check whether a new process would be created - in fact, no, since there is no JavaScripts loaded. Please ignore the comment on resource and memory stated above, thanks.

Also as a side note for using that in Firefox 3.6 , it seems that submit button's orange background is not applied like in chrome, so it would be harder to read the text on the button. Someone with Firefox 4 on hand may to see check on that as well.

Here is the stylesheet extracted from the chrome extension:


raw: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=zkzHDSP2

Added! http://userstyles.org/styles/46180/georgify-for-hacker-news

Please note this has a fixed width issue in Chrome. Works fine in Firefox. So I would recommend Chrome extension for chrome users and Stylish for FF

That affects every page on my Firefox (just installed, latest Stylish). Even the Location Bar goes giant Georgia.

Ah: You need { } around the entire document after the @moz-document line

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