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A website to make 3D geometry shapes out of paper (felixboiii.github.io)
106 points by bilinualcom on Aug 8, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

There's a 3D graphing application for TI-83+ series calculators [1] and an easter egg was that it could plot the head of a duck. [2] (it had the equations for the surfaces in the code somewhere, presumably.)

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw that you can upload an equation on this site is, 'I wonder what the equation is for a duck?'

[1] https://www.detachedsolutions.com/graph3/

[2] https://www.detachedsolutions.com/features/graph3-3.gif

Why a duck?

I don't know. However I would guess it's because the main portion is a sphere and that's easy enough to show on the 96x64 pixel screen of the 83+ series calculators.

I did this for a bathymetric map, but I it was hard to get the resolution I wanted, I used a laser cutter that was too small, so someone just exported the model and showed me it in AR which actually was a better experience. So this works well for small projects, but it gets insanely work intensive to do for larger projects.

This reminds me of Graphica Obscura - Paper and Plotter: A 3D Surface (1977). http://graficaobscura.com/surf/index.html

This is super cool! One suggestion I have is to try to optimize the arrangement of the cut-outs to use the paper more efficiently. In some cases I think up to 2x the cut-outs could fit on a page.

You may also want to consider trying to arrange the cut-outs so that the flat edge aligns with the flat edge of the page. Might result in less cutting for the user.

Nice! This reminded me of when a friend showed me his collection of early 20th century paper theatre dioramas. Fascinating stuff.

I think I'll try to create an actual set-design using the generator/plotter.

Thanks for sharing this!

So... can anyone convert the Batman Equation to a format this site understands?!

I am guessing you are talking about https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=batman+insignia which is a 2D silhouette, but this website is for 3D geometry, so I am not sure what the goal is here.

To try to convert the Batman insignia to draw on this!! Just meant to be a bit of fun!

A batman function with a bevel or one super imposed on the x-z plane.

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