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There's also Algolia, https://hn.algolia.com

It doesn't index the article contents though; only the story titles and comments, same as Google.

How did you come to this conclusion with respect to hndex?

Most articles have no comments. Yet one can search on hndex for terms only found in the article, not in the title.

I wasn't really saying anything about hndex, apart from that it indexes the contents of external articles submitted to HN, as you said.

The correction I was making was about HN Algolia search (which is linked from the search box at the bottom of each HN page), which only indexes content on news.ycombinator.com itself – i.e., article titles, comments and text-only posts like Show/Ask HN – but not the external content in submitted articles.

It does seem to have a much larger index though, which for me at least makes it more useful. Hopefully hndex's index will grow.

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