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Neat project. It’s a bit depressing how many of the article links don’t work anymore. For example, only the official signal vs noise article works on the first page of results for Basecamp: https://hndex.org/?q=Basecamp

How does ranking work? Apologies if I’ve missed the explanation.

Articles which have been posted to HN often end up in the archives of Archive.org and Archive.is in my experience.

The OP site also has a “cached” link for each article, don’t know if you saw that.

Also, to the maker of HNdex, consider adding links to Archive.org and Archive.is next to the cached link you have, so that readers can click through and check if they have a version of it in case there’s images etc


HN feature request: Add submissions to archive.org (or equiv), include that cache link with story.

I did miss the cached link—thank you!

It would be great if each result also had [archive] and [web] links like HN.

> How does ranking work?

Great question, it's something I'd love to know more about as well.

It would be great if that was native HN functionality. Why isn't it? It seems like it would only help, and how hard could it be?

They easily could (I think it would take the average HN user no more than a couple of hours to implement this functionality), but they won't, because they're very reluctant to make changes.

This is also why HN still looks like a site from the 90s, instead of New Reddit (thank God).

It’s not all bad. We still have HN as it is now. Status quo is its own kind of success. HN is essentially feature complete, so I don’t blame them for not trying to fix what ain’t broke.

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