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No I think I'll just sit here and complain ineffectually, but thanks for the suggestion!

I can work on only one thing at a time, but I can complain about many things at once. I think both functions are useful.

I wasn't even aware of this particular problem. Now this thread's taught me (and others) to utterly ignore the shootout. That's useful even if nobody builds a replacement.

What "particular problem"?

That the solutions shown are filtered through an arbitrary set of hoops.

There's nothing arbitrary about wanting a Python program to work with CPython and Python 3.

I don't see how your one-line response is addressing the original article's criticisms, especially in the final paragraph.

I'm also disappointed that you respond to a rebuttal by switching your argument, without acknowledging whether the rebuttal is correct or not. I'm going to stop responding to this thread.

Do you think that final paragraph is somehow The Truth?

>> "It's also not possible to send any messages once your ticket has been marked as closed, meaning to dispute a decision you basically need to pray the maintainer reopens it for some reason."

Truth: There's a public discussion forum!

I'm disappointed that Alex Gaynor never mentioned that the first problem with his program was a bug in CPython, but instead kept that to himself for his blog.

I'm disappointed that Alex Gaynor never mentions in his blog that the next version of his program didn't work on x64 - it hung and timed-out after 1 hour.

Joseph La Fata contributed a Python pi-digits program the same week - his program worked first time on x86 and x64, on PyPy and CPython and Python 3 and only used ctypes to get to GMP.

2 days ago Joseph La Fata contributed a Python spectral-norm program - his program worked first time on x86 and x64 on PyPy and CPython and Python 3.

Do you see the difference yet?

What do you think the blog entry "My experience with Alex Gaynor" would be like?

I wish you'd said all this up front rather than all the rhetoric so far!

Rhetorical questions: What part of the blog could you have fact checked? What part of my comments could you have fact checked?

I hate rhetorical questions. Just say what you want to say. Most people won't react to them like me, but they won't expend the effort to parse them and understand your point either.

I'm not going to fact check every story I read. When I actually do something that requires choosing a platform I may look at the shootout. Or I may just try a few little programs myself.

You may think I'm being unfair, or moronic. But I suspect most people are like me. Even you, when you don't notice. PR feeds on the interested-but-uninvolved.

I find this thread tragic. People could have seen the shootout's side, but now most of them will remain uninformed because the herd passed through while you were asking rhetorical questions. It's the shootout's loss.

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