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I've more than a passing interest in these technologies. Specifically, CRDTs was a bad fit for Xi (that's called out in those articles too -- but people perhaps give too much notice only to the headline).

CRDTs absolutely are a level above OTs, except seen lesser adoption, because they're newer, and the libraries and frameworks around it are maturing. It is inherently more scalable (data store/caches are simple pub/subs and queues).

These open up quite a few usecases for applications - offline first is now a real technological possiblity, as the main deterrent (conflicts) has been algorithmically addressed.

The cons are non-technological : commercial operations have no incentive to support losing control of the data. For those that can get past this archaic roadblock, the pro is amazing - enabling true collaboration at every level of the application. These would be the killer apps here!

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