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Bah! I was hoping to download the source (from here: http://info.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/Z.Kalal/tld.html) and check out his algorithm, but he requires you to email him with his project. If anyone knows how the algorithm works, or where it is described in detail, I'd love to read that!

Absolutely amazing stuff!

What if you just... email him and ask for it?

Don't really have a project, just curiousity...

I certainly intend to drop him an email and see if he's willing to share his stuff with an interested compsci undergrad. It's always worth asking - he's probably just doing it for metrics.

Let us know what happens please, I'm also interested.

Well, you might join a plethora of other HN readers who also email him asking for a copy, and he might just remove the GPLv2 notice and "postpone the release of [the] source code until announced otherwise"

He's published 4 papers on the subject (they're available at the bottom of the page) why not start there?

Hopefully he will put it back, with a donation button ;)

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