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Clever algorithms in Ruby (cleveralgorithms.com)
146 points by helwr on Apr 3, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Previous discussion (cpl months ago): http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2141542

Very nice - after looking through the free PDF for 15 minutes, I ordered a print book to encourage and support the author. (I have done the same thing using Lulu: I get 200+ free PDF downloads a day for my Java AI book, and it is a good feeling when people occasionally order the print book).

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it!

I've actually been reading this book over the past few months. I just stumbled across it while looking for info on neural networks in Ruby. The book takes a very clinical approach, but the code samples are surprisingly accessible.

I haven't bought the book yet (I read it on my iPad), but I will eventually buy it if I can't find a decent digital download. For some reason I'm so much more inclined to buy books offered for free than not.

Wow, happy to see this posted here again. Just found out that the book is finally available on Amazon (yay!) http://www.amazon.com/Clever-Algorithms-Nature-Inspired-Prog...

Happy to answer any questions about the book/content.

Great too see an advanced topic covered using Ruby. I went ahead and picked up a hardcopy for leisurely reading.

Great, I hope you enjoy it! Happy to discuss it if you have any thoughts/questions, or shoot me an email: jasonb@cleveralgorithms.com

I'm preparing to work on a follow-up book addressing machine learning methods.

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