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Show HN: Postead – A fast-moving imageboard where your votes matter (postead.com)
3 points by postead 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Hi folks,

I wanted to share a quarantine project I’ve been working on and finally just released on Google Play Store. Any feedback on the app functionality or the idea itself would be much appreciated as I plan to continue improving the project. Also feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them as well as possible!

What is postead?

postead is a fast-moving imageboard where your votes and participation matter. With every refresh, the user is shown 15 posts which were most recently interacted with (submitted or commented on). This means that only the most relevant and engaging posts stay at the top, while others get lost forever to the flow of time. Users also have the option to upvote/downvote a post. If a post's upvote/downvote ratio falls below a certain point, the post gets deleted forever.

This gives the users a democratic power over the content that stays relevant. While every post is assigned to a channel, nobody owns the channel itself. This means channels don't have moderators, just the community moderating itself. Use channels to form communities and find people with similar interests.

Another important feature of postead is that posts that haven't been interacted with in over an hour get deleted from our servers forever. An automatic system deletes all of the images and comments associated with the original post, as well as the post itself. Only flow remains.

Flow is the is the postead equivalent to Reddit's karma - it's a way to score posts, comments and content in general. After posts and comments get deleted flow remains and users can keep track of the total amount of flow they have accumulated over time.



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