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Show HN: Plugin to add persisted GraphQL queries to WordPress (github.com)
24 points by leoloso 5 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

How does this differ from WPGraphQL? (https://www.wpgraphql.com/)

There are several differences, I wrote about them here:


As a summary, this plugin offers:

- Persisted queries

- Custom endpoints

- Integration with GraphQL Voyager to explore the schema

- Access Control Lists, to define who can access the schema (logged-in user? user with some role?) defined field by field

- HTTP Caching, with maxAge defined field by field

- API hierarchy: can create endpoints such as /mobile/posts/english, where each level inherits properties from the level above

- Namespacing

- Public/Private schema: if the user has no access to the field, either show a message indicating why (public), or deny the existence of the field (private)

And a few other features :)

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