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Show HN: No-code CSS editor for any website. (eazycss.com)
4 points by vignesh_warar 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Hey Hacker News,

My name is vigneshwarar, I am the creator of EazyCSS, The Simple no-code CSS editor for any website.

🟥 Problem 1:-

Testing new design ideas or delegating a change to designers/developers, for a no-code person with back and forth emails, would cost time and money.

🟥 Problem 2:-

Even from a developer's perspective, using a lot of different sites from a box-shadow generator, picking color code, and switching back and forth from codebase to live preview for pixel changes is time-consuming and less productive.


Simple looking, slider approach to most of the CSS properties where anybody can instantly change the design of a site without a prior CSS Knowledge and get your changes in CSS code.


1) Don't Calculate pixel values, select a property and just slide

2) Edit text on the webpage (Hover + press e)

3) Change color or background with our inbuilt color picker

4) If you make a mistake, you can reset changes to default

5) All your design changes will be converted into CSS code

I would love to know your feedback

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