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Yes, it's weird that it can't be turned off, but the snap documentation is very clear about the auto update.

Snap versions also can be reverted.... it is annoying, but the article is a bit overdramatic, since it's not a secret..

RocketChat has this issue to. They work around that by delaying the snap release for weeks. And they also provide different update channels.

You can use the revert command to revert to the last version, but what if you want to pin to a specific version? From what I've heard, that is not possible.

... and what if you revert a package, and a new version gets published, will it pull the rug out from under you and update again?

Then don't use snaps.

It's not snap that broke the IDE/Workflow. The author decided to use an install method that auto updates and the authors of the plugins didn't checked compatibility with the latest version.

This is more of a lesson of "don't auto update important tools" than "snap bad".

Under Ubuntu, you don't have a choice any more.

Some packages that used to be found under APT, in older versions of Ubuntu, are now only available via Snap.

Chromium was due to the absolute nightmarish amount of manpower on Canonical’s part it took to keep up packaging with releases. Copying Debian’s work wouldn’t have helped because they had and still have fewer resources than Canonical did to commit to packaging it.

LXD ships a private version of a library as it has changes not accepted by upstream. It pretty much needs to be a snap as it doesn’t fit into the realm of .deb packaging due to that.

Two fits “some”. Off the top of my head I cannot recall anything else that has a .deb that diverts to snap. More might come in the future perhaps. 2020 has not been the kindest of years to bookmakers in Vegas and elsewhere.

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