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Hi Hacker News!

I am Michael, the founder of HockeyStack.

Having founded a few startups, I know the hassle of analyzing data. To help founders reach the surging growth stage of hockey stick growth, I founded HockeyStack.

HockeyStack is a no-code analytics tool that tracks every action of your users, enables you to define custom actions, and presents all the data on an easy to understand dashboard.

There are a lot of 'simple analytics tools' lately. But let me tell you the difference between HockeyStack and them:

They don't analyze your data in-depth. It is the main reason why they call themselves 'simple'. On the other hand, we call our dashboard 'easy to understand' because we present an in-depth analysis of your data but present them in a way that everyone can understand. You also cannot define events or filter by custom or predetermined events with other simple data analytics tools.

As you can see in the images, you can define all kinds of events without setting up .track() functions, and analyze what matters to your business.

I am extremely happy to serve other entrepreneurs and be in this amazing community.

All of our plans start with a free trial so you will have plenty of time to enjoy HockeyStack. If you want to join the tribe, use HACKERNEWS25 discount code to get 25% discount

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