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Better Privacy Tool (better.fyi)
10 points by irontinkerer 5 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Not wishing to be unduly harsh, but come on guys ... less time spent on the fancy web design and more on content please.

I mean seriously! Little (if anything ?) about what the product does on the home page. A small paragraph that pays lip service to "how it works" hidden in the FAQ.

If you want me to trust you are a "Better Privacy Tool", then give me some clarity and transparency. Don't hide behind a pretty website.

They have the source in their repo, and months worth of bugs and fixes listed. But you nailed it in a sentence there.

This is EXACTLY what I would like to have, controlled safety and security on my own terms that are understandable. So better documentation and explanation. I suggest a "intro to what we are doing for programmers" to add on to the nice web design. And support for regular chrome, and android.

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