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imaliesiera 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite

Let me summarize this for you.

1. Some of them sleep 8 hours, others 5 hours.

2. Some get up at 7am, others at 5am.

Also, that clock visualization is stupid. Since there are 24 hours a day it makes absolutely no sense at all.


It's almost as if different people have different circadian rhythms. Weird! I'm glad Forbes was able to clear that up.

And that clock visualization, especially with the hands included, is such a poor way to deliver information. After several minutes of parsing them, I finally think I deciphered what they meant.

Especially when the first clock is using hands at 8 to mean 8 hours, and the second is using hands at 8 to mean 8pm, and the third is using hands at 8 to mean 8 am.

So Churchill drank and smoked all day, slept only five hours and still lived to 90? Some humans really do win the genetic lottery :p

For me, it’s important to fall asleep before 11PM, or sleep quality is just not that good. Going to bed after midnight almost always results in slight fatigue and reduced mental capacity the next day. A few nights of going to bed at 1AM and I start wondering whether my brain will ever work again.

Sample size of 21.

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