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“Quarterly results“ is pretty common, as is “Peak” in retail.

Perhaps it's country specific? Or Brick-n-Mortal terminology?

Been in this (online) industry for a long, long time, never once heard of it referred that way. I'd think you'd need to quantify what "peak" you're talking about, as-in "Peak Sales" or something. And, not everyone's "peak" is at the same time, so it's odd to refer to it that way.

How long is "a long, long time"? Both "quarterly results" and "peak" in that form are pretty common usage, and definitely not something Amazon have invented.

Yeah, it's brick-and-mortal terminology.

Very odd word choice to use then, particularly in notifications sent to their millions of non-professional 3rd party sellers.

I think the reply was sarcastic due to your misspelling of "brick-and-mortar".

It's not an odd word choice, see also https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2020/07/apple-reports-third-q... and many others

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