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Amazon announces second quarter results (aboutamazon.com)
27 points by adventured 15 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

I’ve got a buddy at amazon who joined 5 years back that’s probably a millionaire now just on the stock rise alone given his stock bonuses.

Amazon.com and prime have become so useful to me I think of it like my iPhone: I can’t go without it.

> We’ve created over 175,000 new jobs since March and are in the process of bringing 125,000 of these employees into regular, full-time positions.

Boom. These numbers are just damn impressive. Can you imagine? Adding the equivalent of Bank of America... in one single quarter.

42% YoY quarterly rev growth is pretty damn good. For whatever reason they decided to double net income too.

At occasional intervals (usually every year at this point) they do pushes upward on income and set a new baseline that the market can expect. Then they'll make some big investments, divert some income growth for a while, and then make their next push to the next income tier to satisfy investors wanting to see income growth.

Aren't these normally called "Quarterly Earnings"?

Amazon has a habit of making up words and pretending everyone already uses them. Perhaps they think not referring to "earnings" will help disguise they are earning money hand-over-fist?

"Peak" is their latest one, as in "Ensuring everyone is ready for Peak". Apparently "Peak" refers to the holiday shopping season, starting with Black Friday. Nevermind everyone in the industry calls it "the holiday season".

“Quarterly results“ is pretty common, as is “Peak” in retail.

Perhaps it's country specific? Or Brick-n-Mortal terminology?

Been in this (online) industry for a long, long time, never once heard of it referred that way. I'd think you'd need to quantify what "peak" you're talking about, as-in "Peak Sales" or something. And, not everyone's "peak" is at the same time, so it's odd to refer to it that way.

How long is "a long, long time"? Both "quarterly results" and "peak" in that form are pretty common usage, and definitely not something Amazon have invented.

Yeah, it's brick-and-mortal terminology.

Very odd word choice to use then, particularly in notifications sent to their millions of non-professional 3rd party sellers.

I think the reply was sarcastic due to your misspelling of "brick-and-mortar".

It's not an odd word choice, see also https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2020/07/apple-reports-third-q... and many others

There should be a word for self-important pedantry that is somewhere between "groundless" and "wrong." Quarterly results include much more than earnings and the term is widespread.


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