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This was submitted just a couple days ago and didn't get noticed. Good to see it made the front page today.

I think the article drifts a bit far from "Local-First Software" but I learned a lot about the issues dealing with real time collaboration.

I'm just about ready to release a new version of a web app I first released in 2002 that offers a Local-First option. That's been a goal of mine since I first released it. indexedDB works, but that's a pretty awful option for the app I'm speaking of.

I'm using CouchDB to do this, and it requires the user install CouchDB on their desktop PC. That's a pretty big hurdle, but it's actually very easy to do. I think the hard part will be convincing users it's worth their effort.

Why not use PouchDB and have that sync up with your main CouchDB server? It seemed like a very powerful paradigm to me, so I am always curious why it did not catch on.

There’s also RxDB which builds on top of PouchDb: it has a graphql plugin so you can have real-time data as well. I’m using it experimentally with Hasura+Postgres. The only drawback is that I can’t figure out a UI that indicates which documents are saved offline for a user.

I think Mochi[1] does this. It's pretty slick. Browser, desktop, and mobile clients all sync up accurately. It's always very responsive.

[1] https://mochi.cards/

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