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If you find this content interesting highly recommend the book / audible — American Kingpin[1] which is about Ross Ulbricht and Silkroad.

[1] https://www.amazon.com/American-Kingpin-Criminal-Mastermind-...

I think about Ulbricht and his life without parole sentence periodically. On one hand, he was almost a pinnacle of libertarian ideology. On the other, he basically ordered what he thought were real hits on people multiple times. It’s hard to feel sorry for him after considering that.

Stop spreading lies about Ulbricht.

He never even got the chance to argue against that charge in court before it was dropped years later. It doesn't matter though, the endgoal was complete.

It's straight out of the TLA handbook for "how to discredit a person 101"

I’m not sure I understand your comment. While he was never charged with murder-for-hire, the transcript that reveals that he did it was read aloud to the jury. It’s very clear that he absolutely tried to pay money to kill people. You can read the transcript yourself here:


Are we reading the same article from 2015? The only evidence that has ever held up whatsoever is from some junkies the feds gave immunity to for setting up the "fake" assassination with him. All the records are solely from the single laptop they seized.

From your link:

> In fact, the prosecution admitted in court that the purported victims of the Silk Road killings were never found, and that Canadian police couldn't even locate records for anyone with their names.

You really need to get up to date with the current evidence rather than some low effort linkposting.

Maybe it's best if we try an alternative situation: Would you say George Floyd was a counterfeiter? The police statements clearly say he is. Last I looked people get to argue their case in court before being convicted of crimes in the Western world and we very much go out of our way to discredit people who threaten existing power structures.

Ulbright never got to defend himself against these claims.

What's TLA?

Google says "formal specification language. It’s a tool to design systems and algorithms"

Oh so many different Three Letter Agencies!

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