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Meet the Mozarts (spectator.us)
32 points by pepys 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

The National Theatre released their production of Amadeus on YouTube for a week a few weeks ago, and I truly wish I could have it for all time. It was a truly special performance by everyone involved.

I know that much of the drama is just that, but the love for the music was clearly there, the performance of every single person on stage was incredible, and they made the orchestra into the chorus, which was very special to see.

As a (somewhat) classically trained musician, it was truly special, and I wish I could watch it again

The years in the article seem coinciding with the Revolution in France. Where was Mozart during the revolution, and what did he do during it? Wikipedia seems silent on this matter.

As a young man, he went to France with his mother. The trip did not turn out well, as he was met with a very cold reception there, also his mother died. He did not return. He also got on rather well with and even once gave an impertinent kiss to Marie Antoinette when they were children.

He was in Vienna during the last years of his life, busy and in bad health, I believe.

There's only a superficial connection to the French revolution, AFAIK: in 1786, Mozart set Figaro's Wedding to music, of which Wikipedia writes "The play's denunciation of aristocratic privilege has been characterised as foreshadowing the French Revolution".

Yes, Mozart died in late 1791, which was in a relatively early phase of the revolution (At the time of his death, the French King was technically still in power).

Mozart occasionally received commissions from Maries brother, the Emperor Joseph. Beethoven also. Joseph appears in the play Amadeus.

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