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List of Peter Thiel's Online Writings (thememeticist.com)
32 points by leon500 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

I recently watched a 5 year old video of Thiel at some conference (actually autoplay after some other video I can’t remember). I didn’t even notice it was that old because he’s so far ahead with his ideas that they are still relevant.

He’s severely underrated as a thinker.

Tyler Cowen calls him the most important intellectual among conservatives right now.

The media hates him for a lot of reasons. If they were unbiased and mature, he’d be a household name in the US.

There are fairly good reasons for the media being sceptical of him, including, but not limited to his creation of a campaign to limit freedom of the press using legal pretexts. He's like a walking example of how capitalism erodes a free society. If I were in the media, I would never write a word about Peter Thiel, no one should put their livelihood in danger like that.

I'm a big believer in freedom of the press, but Gawker distributed surreptitiously recorded sex tapes without the knowledge or consent of participants. That's illegal and it should be illegal. It's not just this one case either.

They did it repeatedly: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/politics/news/a55146/gawker-edi...

It's not outrageous that a person with billions of dollars footed the legal bill to take the cases to trial. It is outrageous that the victims, even one with millions of dollars, couldn't afford an adequate legal effort to get a fair showing under the law without a benefactor.

In an interview he stated he doesn't view Gawker as journalists and I agree. It's frankly baffling that Gawker are regareded as the poor underdog fighting for journalistic freedom when they were a multi-million Dollar cooperation backed by investors that released the private sex tape of an individual. I'm curious how paying for lawyers to fight the release contributes to eroding a free society.

It's one of those situations where everyone is wrong in my opinion. Gawker shouldn't have released Hulk Hogan's sex tape but Peter Thiel probably shouldn't have funded Hogan's lawsuit to run Gawker into bankruptcy in revenge for outing Thiel which Gawker shouldn't have done to begin with. It's like some weird soap opera but all the characters are sketchy.

Isn't your criticism of libel/slander/tort laws? It's not as if, given that these laws exist, that media organizations should be able to exist outside of them.

He might be a thinker, but personally I'm not interested in his ideas after his little lord of the rings venture.

Can you please share a link or a Youtube search phrase?

This is the video I was referring to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_yJTCDU4uE

As a sibling reply already mentioned, it's an interview with Tyler Cowen who does a terrific job at interviewing Peter. I don't have specific search phrases because I stumbled upon this interview by lucky accident.

Maybe not everyone agrees with his ideas but he definitely have very intriguing ideas. Worth a consideration esp. if we are going to make constructive changes to how the the USA operates and moves forward.

US Libertarianism was founded by corporations. FEE, the Foundation for Economic Education, was originally funded by GM, Chrysler and Ford, the major retailers, steel producers, and others at the top of the Fortune 500 around 1946.

The goal? Lobbying against labor & Government regulations. Milton Friedman (a huge fan of Ayn Rand) pushed out the propaganda against labor, government and rent control, as FEE was being paid by the National Real Estate board to lobby against rent control.

They are pro-business and anti-democracy, unless you define that in terms of Oligarchy.

It has been a while since I've read him. If I'm not mistaken, Thiel is a libertarian, but also pro-monopolies. Has he discussed where he stands when a monopoly conflicts with political freedom, individualism, freedom of choice, etc.? Pivoting slightly, I suspect, deep-down, he favors technological progress at the expense of individual rights with the notion that technology will sort it out without government oversight in due time, which seems wrong.

Thanks for the great resource! I first encountered Peter Thiels thoughts in his interview with Erik Weinstein in The Portal and was blown away by their discussion.

Looking forward to reading these!

If you like Thiel's ideas then you'll probably enjoy most of the content from the Portal.

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