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What I learned from trying to be too productive (adolos.substack.com)
13 points by wporr 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

i began taking side projects on the cheap so i can get paid to do other stuff aside from my day job. stuff that i like. its so cheap that i can tell my clients that i am taking my sweet time so no pressure at all on my end. if they disagree then i can fire them without regrets. ill be making stuff anyway with or without getting paid because that's what us makers do.

but somehow i dont feel productive even when doing side projects. i fear that what people at my day job think is what matters at the back of my mind. sometimes the things i do at day job are those things i dont want to do.

i cant quit because its a high paying job so i guess i need to change mindset instead.

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