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Helsinki, Finland - engineering, computational geometry and distributed systems

Tinkercad is a funded startup making a solid modeling web application for artists and makers. The product is currently in closed beta.

We work daily with hard problems combining cutting edge research in volumetric models and soft real time distributed systems. Our software stack is written in JavaScript, Go and a bit of C++.

Job perks include a near unlimited supply of plastics for the company 3D printers and the opportunity to help bring personal digital manufacturing to the masses.

Contact kai at tinkercad dot com and check out the demo at: http://tinkercad.com

that's really cool product you guys are developing! very impressed! just curious how you draw 3d? using 3d context in canvas or just plain 2d canvas context?

Thanks, we are pretty excited about it! :-) We use WebGL for rendering on the client side. We have a custom 3D engine written just for Tinkercad. Our main UI guy is an ex game graphics/AI programmer http://digestingduck.blogspot.com/. He's done stuff like the Zen Bound iPhone/iPad game and AI for Crysis.

If you are interested in seeing the rendering technology our viewer works for everyone, take a look at this bunny model: https://tinkercad.com/p/acc048395e191555

Would love to see a blog post about the tech behind this.

I'm planning to do a few now that we start to emerge. Sign up for the mailing list or follow me on twitter, I'll announce the blog posts there.

Basically we have a client side rendering engine combined with a cluster based solid modeling kernel. To get everything interactive we have pretty strict deadlines both for the server processing and for transferring the data to the client. I used to work at Google as systems programmer and even compared to that infrastructure this is pretty interesting and hard stuff.

Edit: I'm @KaiBackman on twitter.

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