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I tried out the TTRSS with another feed and saw what you did - there's definitely about a minute gap between adding a RSS feed until those articles are processed and available in the web view. I assume it's due to the current heavy use, or perhaps it's being throttled.

Slight offtopic; I love your microblog Plurrr - the site and code are clear, simple, and get the job done. I poked around the code a bit because I'm interested in starting my own microblog. A quick question: in your CSS file located at https://plurrrr.com/soothe.css , the code declares font-family: San Fransisco - is that a misspelling of San Francisco or does the CSS spec mandate that spelling?

CSS spec doesn't mandate specific font names, those are decided by the font creator or css author. San Francisco is Apple's new (?) font that replaced Helvetica Neue. The typo might be intentional--I had to intentionally use the wrong name for a Windows system font in my @font-face stylesheet recently to ensure the browser wouldn't use the system version (fake-bold italic looked better than bold fake-italic in the headings, and I couldn't find a bold-italic version)

Thank you very much for catching that, it's a typo for sure. I'll fix it today. And thank you for the compliments!

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