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ActiveInbox Turns Gmail Into a Task Manager (mashable.com)
22 points by peterjlambert on March 31, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

How does this work? Is this only a plugin for my browser, or is it a plugin for my browser ... that also stores my data or at least metadata on the ActiveInbox servers.

If I use this, am I reliant for security and uptime only on google as I am now, or must I now also be concerned about ActiveInbox's server security and uptime?

Hi pdx,

That's a very sensible question, let me take a stab at answering it.

So, for 99% of things, it's all stored on Google's servers. ActiveInbox is a lot of UI enhancements to create a new way of controlling your email, but it does it all with a clever use of Gmail's labels.

The only thing that relies upon the server is if you're a Plus user (including the free trial), to store your preferences on our server; and to store 'Conversation Notes' (a text box at the top of all conversations for planning next actions, a quick memo of what the entire thread is about, and links to related information if needed).

We are trying to figure out a way to do Conversation Notes purely with IMAP, but we haven't got a really fast/reliable idea yet, so we're sticking with our own servers.

But yes - for everything that is important to your organization, it's all labels.

Andy has done a great job with this. Although I keep wanting to dive into the features but get sidetracked, I can see that each new version is looking a lot slicker than the last one. Having it sit on top of gmail is inspired genius. Very cool.

Well Active Inbox really helps me sort the emails I need to answer, I have to answer, I want to answer and stuff I'll answer if I have the time. Same thing with emails that generate tasks. Folks! Give it a try! You won't be disappointed.

ActiveInbox has become the most valuable tool I use every day. When I occasionally have to use gmail without it I feel like a surgeon with only a wooden spoon to operate with.

ActiveInbox is a great tool been using it for years. The combination with Integrated Gmail (another addon) makes for the perfect gmail experience.

excellent product for GTD. nice work on the design Pete!

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