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On the one hand you're saying this is unfair to those who do closed source projects at work. On the other, you're saying you have personal projects, but you refuse to release the source.

So what are you complaining about exactly? If you don't want to be judged by your own work, then there's no problem: that's your decision. If you do, but you refuse to let anyone see it, then you're creating your own problem, so you have no basis for complaint.

There is nothing "unfair" about this. Rather, you're given a choice about whether or not you want to participate and you have decided that you don't.

You're correct that I am given a choice about whether I want to release my source. But I mentioned a specific example (Chromium developers paid by Google) who are being paid to produce open source work.

I do exhibit some of my smaller projects on github; my larger projects are not online because of competitive reasons.

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