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This is an interesting approach but not all talented developers partake in open source projects.

...and for those that do, not all of them are contributing to projects that are on GitHub.

And those developers will have to figure out another way to demonstrate their value.

This is true and thanks for the feedback. Do you (or anyone else reading) have any ideas for things that all talented developers would want to list on their profiles that we don't have on Careers yet? Thanks again!

While filling out my profile it struck me that I'd love a friend finding service: Find me programmers within 50 miles of my stated location who share interests and experiences in some of the many tags I chose for myself. I'd like to meet them and have a beer.

We'd need a word like "bromance", but for nerds.

Yuck, no.

I'm doing some initial work on that.

The key here is that StackExchange has a high usage rate amongst programmers and it allows me to register interests in technologies that I don't have public source code for.

Facebook has a nice social graph but no angle on programmer socialization. Github's API can let you infer which open source languages I dabble in, but not at all what I do at my day job. Good luck to you though, I'd love to see the product.

Android and IPhone developed programs.

The market is hot right now and it would be pretty nice to be able to show some of the programs that has been written.

But those that have fun writing code usually do, or have done so at some point. It's some kind of filter, that's true, and there isn't any filter that's always fair.

That used to be the case two years ago.

Why would I release my software on github for free, when I can release it on Google market for money?

I would think the both to be almost same as long as you can tie your name to the App/Software you deployed in Google Market. In one scenario I get to see actual code and in the other a final product that has been deployed to the market. Both, having being done as a side project should be considered equal

they arent mutually exclusive options

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