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Samsung 6G white paper [pdf] (codeground.org)
5 points by bdz 26 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

So out of touch.

Maybe it is different in Korea, but in the U.S. the real problem with wireless networks is coverage. Upstate New York alone has cell phone dead spots bigger than some European countries.

On a rather busy road I witnessed a motorcycle accident: many people were trying to call 911 and could not get through


somebody drove the 4 miles to the volunteer fire department to get help.

If 6G lets you sit in (only) Washington Square Park and watch a hologram or fill up an 18 TB external hard drive it is only going to have limited impact.

The backstory of the backlash against 5G is that the only story less plausible than "5G causes COVID-19" is that "5G has benefits for consumers."

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