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The Fake Cisco – Hunting for Backdoors in Counterfeit Cisco Devices [pdf] (f-secure.com)
62 points by PatrolX 27 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Very interesting. Some of it was over my head, but it didn't appear that the goal was surveillance or circumvention of security measures (aside from circumventing some boot verification of files). I assume the counterfeiters' goal is simply to make money. Anyone on the F-Secure team here by chance, and have a comment on that conclusion?

The goal in this particular case was selling counterfeit units. The boot verification however is a quite serious problem that basically results in arbitrary code execution, just in this case it was used to bypass software protections.

tl;dr: no backdoors, but they did have to break the hardware platform authentication security to run on the counterfeit hardware, which opens a persistence vector that isn’t there on authentic gear.

Great work!

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