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BBC is down... internal error or ddos?
23 points by ljf on March 29, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments

Thankfully, nuclear missiles are only launched if radio stations are down, not websites.


"How on earth does [the submarine commander] know if the PM has been killed and the normal chain of command obliterated? For obvious reasons, no one we spoke to would elaborate on the precise protocols. Suffice it to say that there is a complicated series of checks that the submarine commander must perform to establish the true situation—one of which, curiously, is to determine whether Radio 4 is still broadcasting."

There would be little point in carrying on without radio 4 anyway to be honest.

I believe you are talking about The Event (please, remain indoors)


http://bbcworldnews-japan.com/ works (I assume that's colocated in Japan though)

Been down for a while now; no official Tweets from any of the official BBC Twitter accounts it seems.

Edit: It's backup now. Was done for about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

It went down at around 2239 GMT. I've not seen a hint on Twitter to suggest that it was a DDOS, though I guess that doesn't rule it out.

@timweber: "So yes, it doesn't look too good. both internal and external DNS are down, by the sounds of it." Edit: @richard_webber: "Not just DNS down for the BBC, they've been taken off the Internet completely, no routing to AS2818."

Allegedly BGP routing issue:

23:26:01 <+GeeDee> cr0.ixnlon#sh ip bgp

23:26:01 <+GeeDee> % Network not in table is back up but isn't.

EDIT: has gone again. (actually it's a bit less than a /16 but I don't feel like looking it up)

Yes, wondered about ddos first when posting this, but now seems more unlikely. They did a fairly big platform overhaul last week, but most of the site doesn't run on it yet, plus the news.bbc.co.uk servers don't and they are usually their most robust. Nothing on BBC news channel yet mentioning it, which you'd think there would be if was foul play.

bbc.com and bbcworldwide.com down too, so very likely routing issues. Hope the out of hours ops team are availble!

I can’t resolve www.bbc.co.uk using any of the four name servers (ns1.thls.bbc.co.uk, ns1.bbc.co.uk, ns1.rbsov.bbc.co.uk and ns1.thdo.bbc.co.uk). The last IP address Netcraft saw was, which I also can’t access, but they definitely have DNS problems.

And it's back, I guess we'll find out more tomorrow on the BBC blogs.

Everyone goes down eventually, if can go wrong....

They're up again.

Back now.

the simple idea that anything from the BBC could be "down" and not operating is, quite plainly, freaking scary.

Budget cuts ;)

Back for me.

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