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Thanks for the update.

> edit: PS, thanks for the idea of putting what I assume is the backend pid in psql's prompt. I need to go figure out how to do that right now!

Here's my ~/.psqlrc:

    andres@awork3:~/src/postgresql$ cat ~/.psqlrc
    \set QUIET 1

    \pset pager always
    \set VERBOSITY verbose
    \pset null '(null)'
    \set COMP_KEYWORD_CASE upper
    \pset linestyle unicode
    \pset border 2
    \set PROMPT1 '%/[%p][%l]%x%R%# '
    \set PROMPT2 '%/[%p][%l]%x%R%# '
    \set PROMPT3 'c:%/[%p][%l]%x%R%# '
    \set HISTCONTROL ignoredups
    \set HISTSIZE 100000

    \timing on
    \set QUIET 0

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